Monday, May 24, 2010

What's keeping me out of the kitchen...

Beans 1

See those filthy hands?

Those are mine.

Dirt under my nails, yeah I should wear gardening gloves but I don't. I rather enjoy digging in the dirt, the coolness of the earth between my fingers and even the feeling of it caked up under my nails.

Dirty hands tell the world...."Hey, I'm workin' here".

The garden is in, all except for those beans you see in my hands. They are happily nestled in a bed of warm soil, basking in the sun, but they need another week or so until I can transplant them into the garden.

One of the cucumbers.

Those beans are straight from Italy. My neighbors gave them to us. His sister picked them up in Italy and decided to share. How nice of her. My neighbor thinks they are purple beans. I hope so cause purple is my favorite color.

I planted sugar snap peas that I started from seeds too. I can't wait till those suckers are ready to harvest. Fresh sugar still my heart!

I think John and I worked for a good 18 hours of so in the yard this past weekend. I worked with my "portable planting station". I use the boys old Radio Flyer wagon as my rolling planting vehicle. It comes in handy cause I can wheel to to where ever I'm planting, plus it just looks cute.

wagon 1


We're just about at the "sit back and just watch it grow" stage now.

That's the part I like the best....that and the "harvesting the veggies and eating them" stage. That might be even better.


Hope you're growing something delicious too!

Oh I almost forgot. John made me a 4ft birdhouse for my front deck too.

big birdhouse

I think I'm going to change the roof color, it's not doing it for me. I also think I'm going to swap out the primitive star on the front for maybe a tin one. We'll see, my yard decoration are ever evolving

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