Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I could be nice and say that I’m a wee bit upset, or that I am going to speak with vinegar instead of sugar (something my Gram always said) but I’m just going to be blunt. I am pissed off. Truly bewildered by someone’s actions. Why? Because there seems to be certain people out on the World Wide Web who take delight in being assholes, pure and simple. Sorry if some of my language offends anyone, but it needs to be said. I received a comment today that said and I quote:

“It's bad enough that 90% of the recipes here are ripped off from other blog authors or copied from well-known publications, but now you're entering them into contests? How lame.”

Well now. First of all please let me clarify one fact. I did not enter my recipe in a 'contest'. The potato ho down is a monthly event where we share our love of all things made with spuds. There are no prizes there is no cash reward, we do it for fun.

Second of all I wanted to point out that I could have just deleted that comment. Ignored that person, which I have done before in the past. Some people just aren’t worth the time or effort. The last time this person made a snide remark, I ignored it. I took the higher road and let it go. This time I didn’t. If you want to read my response, you can go to the comments under the Baked Mashed Potatoes recipe. It had to be said and I think that most of you with blogs out there would have probably done the same thing.

Lastly…I’d love to know the answer to this question Mr. Anonymous ….why do you keep coming back to my blog? Really why? I’d love to know. You don’t like the fact that I “copy” other people’s recipes. Apparently, 90% of the ones that I post are ripped off, which by the way is total bullshit, and you think I’m lame?? I’d love you to point me in the direction of the blog that is filled with only original recipes. As Evil Chef Mom said in her response to you: “All recipes are shared. That's why cookbooks were invented and magazines are published, to share food and ideas. It's not ripped off when you credit the article, publisher, and or author, which she clearly did."

Why do you come here? Why don’t you just move along or is your life so pathetic that you feel the need to leave hurtful comments, anonymously (coward), just to piss someone off? Can’t even be a real man and show your identity? How pathetic. Takes a special kind of person to do that. What a deplorable and pitiful person you must be to take delight in trying to upset others. Just so you know, I will be deleting all further hateful remarks, cause frankly; you are not worth a second of my time or anyone else’s.

I’m pretty sure I won’t get a response to my questions.

I do have questions for the other bloggers out there… How do you deal with people like this? Do you just delete the comments? Fire back? Ignore them?

Oh yeah and stayed tuned tomorrow….I’ll be posting some more ripped off recipes and if you’re lucky, they might even be stolen from a well know publication! What fun!
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