Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaf Peeping

It's just about peak time for peeping here in New England.
Unfortunately the wind and rain has blown most of them off the trees.
That doesn't stop me from taking pictures.

Lighted Leaf

Lighted Leaf


Floating Leaves

Floating Leaf

Floating Solo

Red on Rock


purple hydra



Michelle said...

Your photos are so outstandingly gorgeous! Love the first one, such a beautiful shade of red.

slmpetersen said...

Beautiful shots! Love them all. Fall is so striking in photos.

Valerie said...

Just love the colors of Fall!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Fall is in full force! I love the sun shinning through the leaves...beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i know, i know. i cannot get enough of this stuff.

i will be so sad when the trees are naked.

Lisa said...

Just beautiful! I love taking pictures of fall.

Kim (@ Paper Apron) said...

I really don't understand nature-- in that I'm not finding these gorgeous red and yellow leaves down in SC yet. I want these in my backyard!!! Maybe it's just nature's way of coaxing me to get out and take a walk. I love the sun peaking through the leaves on that first photo. So pretty.