Friday, October 2, 2009

A "me" day and a giveaway

I took the day off today to have a "me" day.

A day where I can enjoy the stillness and
the quietness of the house.

Something that does not happen often here.

A day when I can play the music I love without
anyone complaining (who would complain about the
Beatles anyway???)

A day when I headed out early to shop and
pamper myself a bit.

New bras in funky colors and this beautiful skirt:


A day to decorate for Fall.

Autumn bowl

To pick the last hydrangea and watch it slowly turn.

Last hydra

A day for surprises in the mail.


A day to try a new recipe.

Apple peeling

A day to thank all my blog readers for stopping by and reading my ramblings,
and trying the recipes I post and leaving kind words.

I'm having a Fall Giveaway.
I decided to give away something for your food preparation,
something to bake it in and something to present it on.

One lucky winner will receive:

This beautiful set of hand painted nesting bowls.

There are three of these beauties and they are
just about the most adorable bowls I've laid eyes on.

Fall Giveaway Nested bowlsjpg

Please ignore the ugly cardboard separators in between the bowls.
I thought about taking them out and undoing the bow, but
then I thought again and just let them be.

Next you need something to bake in.
Maybe a beautiful deep dish pie plate with lovely
fall leaves and an even lovelier sentiment on the inside?

Fall Giveaway DeepDish Pie Pan

Lastly, this pedestal cake and goodie stand.

Fall Giveaway Ped Plate

Don't you think everything you make will look
even more delicious on it?

So there. Like what you see?
Wanna chance at winning these items?

All you have to do is leave me a comment on what your
favorite thing about fall is, or what you'd bake
and present on that beautiful dish.

That's it. No extras for mentioning the giveaway on
your blog, but feel free to do so if you want.

When you leave a comment either link back
to your blog or leave me your

Please don't forget your email,
if I can't contact you I'll have to pick someone else.

So whatcha waiting for?? Leave me a comment.

Winner will be picked by random number generator
on October 7th at 7pm EST, cause I really love
the month of October and the number 7.

Good Luck!

Happy Fall (isnt it the most best time of year?)

Thanks for reading my little blog!

Upside Down Apple Pie next post!

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