Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday~

Our little state and my little town in particular got hit with the worst floods they have seen here in 100 yrs. 3,000 families in my town were evacuated. Roads are closed. Rivers are cresting 10 feet high. Schools are closed. Sewer plants are flooded so one town can't flush. Can you imagine? We are in a real mess.

We spent 15 hours fighting the small river that was flowing past our house yesterday. John was up around the clock pumping out water.

When the rain let up for about an hour I ran out and took a few shots. This one was particularly ironic.

Flood 6

My heart goes out to all the families here who are sitting in shelters, wondering what is happening to their home and possessions. Wondering if they will have a home to return to.
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