Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right Now~

In my mug: milk

In my belly: corn flakes and blueberries.

First harvest: garlic scapes! I have lots of 'em!


Last song I listened to: Queen - The Days of our Lives (I still miss Freddie)

I am thankful for: Friends who think of me wherever they are. Tati brought me back these stones from a beach on Long Island.

LI Stones

Cool website I recently found: An illustrated cooking blog. So beautiful! Kok Blog.

Last site I browsed: Anthropologie. Oh my. Now I would like:

This mug. How adorable and so "me".


This aged herb pot....love the color.

herb pot

oh and this little birdie bottle opener. I have a "thing" for birds.

Didn't I tell you? I think it started with the all the birdhouses. It's hard for me to pass up anything will a cute little bird on it.

bird opener

On the nightstand: several half read magazines, mostly foodie ones, just finished a Linda McCartney bio.

Newest addiction:
almond joy

Almond Joy Pieces – M&M sized almond joys! This is so not what my waistline needs Hershey Company (but I thank you with all my heart for them anyway).

We bought these for the ice cream sundae bar we had for Jesse's birthday party and as I was getting ready to put these in a bowl, John grabbed a handful and said "No way are these going into the sundae bar, I'm hiding these suckers for myself".

He actually did hide them so the kids wouldn't eat them!

On my mind: Anticipation. My in-laws will be here Saturday and I can't wait!

Watching daily: my veggies growing. They are really taking off. Now it's just weed a little, water, and watch.

Can't wait to: harvest those veggies and eat them!

Feeling: Content.


Can I just say contentment is like the best feeling ever. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it.
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