Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach 2010

We took a drive down to the beach when the heat wave let up just a little so that Mom & Dad could see the water before they left for back home.

The cool ocean breeze was a welcome relief.

Evan and his friend Brandon did some seashell hunting and very close inspections.

Evan seashell

Brandon seashell

They also had a great time trying to splash a bunch of seagulls off the rocks.

Gull Splash

Gull Splash 1

Gull Splash 2

Gull Splash 3


Gull Splash 4

One of the little fellas even flew back over to the beach while the guys were building a sandcastle.
Gull Splash 5

It was just sea and sun and smiles for a few hours.

Evan beach

Evan beach 1

Evan beach 2

Evan beach 3

Evan beach 4

We love the beach.

Evan beach 5
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