Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moose Update

Since so many of you have asked, here's a quick update on Moose's condition.

The roller coaster ride continues.

Went went back for a check-up on Saturday.

We thought Moose was showing signs of improvement, but clinically, he really hadn't gotten any better. Our vet was concerned enough that she kept him for a few hours to repeat his echocardiogram.

John and I wandered around the town. There was a beautiful little farm stand that normally I would have enjoyed, but all that was on my mind was Moose.

When we got back we met with the vet again.

My heart is always in my throat when I'm in that little sterile room.

The new diagnosis is Immune Mediated Polyarthropathy.

I really can't go into all the details or I will be a puddle on the floor before I finish typing, but I will tell you this....we have to take Moose off one of his pain meds until Wednesday night and the Vet said, he will become much more painful without this med.

We have to stop the med to flush out his system so he can start steroids which will help him improve very quickly.

5 days of pain.

Today is day 2 since we this med was a PM med and he hadn't gotten it yesterday. He is already showing signs of discomfort. He's panting, he's breathing heavy, he's so, so lethargic he can barely move.

I was up every hour on the hour listening to the sound of his breath, telling him I was right here. I feel like he's looking at me saying "why are you putting me through this?".

It's like watching a little baby suffer. I wish I could take away his pain and just let him sleep peacefully for the next 4 days.

I don't think I need to tell you all how much this is killing me. Seeing him like this is breaking my heart into pieces.

I'm watching him hurt and there is nothing I can do. It's horrible.

We are trying to just take it day by day. One day closer until we can start steroids and make Moose feel better.

We go back to Tufts on Monday, August 2nd for a repeat echocardiogram.

We are hoping that Moose is feeling much, much better by this coming Friday when the steroids kick in.

This has really been a trying few weeks for us all. We just want Moose back to his happy ole self.

Thank you all again for your comments and emails. Your lovely words mean the world to me.
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