Friday, July 22, 2011


Hydrangea budding 2

Just so you's hot here.

Like Matthew Broderick said in Biloxi Blues...."Man it's hot. It's Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot".

I can't either. I hate it. Today the "feel's like" temp was 112. You hit the outdoors and the humidity smacks you in the face like a ton of bricks. I don't even want to think about turning my oven on. All I want to do is sit in front of the AC and eat popsicles for dinner.

I love the cool part of summer. The sunny days with a gentle breeze. The nights around the fire, the beach, the late evening weeding and waterings. This part of summer I can do without. I'm just bleh. I'm in a bleh kinda mood.

I've had a dry hacking cough for 5 days now. My voice is just about shot.

I started some new meds. That's never fun. The major side effect it frequent urination. Great. I just love peeing 15 times a day.

I have absolutely no ambition to do anything. Not to cook, not to bake, not to exert myself in any form or fashion whatsoever. I'm toast I tell ya.

I finally got in touch with the girl who designed my blog banner (which I love, but wanted to change out for the different seasons) and she told me she's too busy to work on my banner.

I've searched all over Etsy and the web for someone to design a new one for me and I can't seem to find anyone's work that really grabs me. It's really bumming me out.

If you know of anyone who does custom designed blog banners, please shoot me a comment or email.

I just thought I'd give a little update to tell you I'm just a big blob of bleh.

Think I'll go eat another popsicle.

Once the heatwave ends I'll be back with a great new recipe. Promise.
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