Monday, February 13, 2012

The little things....

Things that are making me smile now.

Old Photos.

I found this picture of me laying in my great-grandparents yard. I don't remember the picture being taken, but I remember the house and the porch where we would eat graham crackers and butter, or Lorna Doone cookies. I remember the smell of my Papa's cigar and the sound of the tea kettle whistling. Maybe that's where my love of tea originated from?

me at Papas

I just love the peaceful, carefree me in this picture. I thought I might need a little visual reminder of those times so I framed it and it now sits in my living room.

Bright yellow flowers.

yellow 1

I have to confess, I'm not really fond of the color yellow except when it's a coloring a flower. Then I love it. Sunny.

Feeding hungry teenage boys.

There is always a steady stream of teenagers running through my house. Saturday night I had 2 sleep over. They not only enjoyed a delicious dinner (Cheeseburger Pasta - recipe coming soon!) they also awoke, tousled hair and all, to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes and sausage.

pancake collage

Fat Birds.

In addition to teenage boys, I also love to feed the birds. Fat birds make me happy.

fat bird

Enjoy your week!
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