Thursday, April 8, 2010

17 Bean and Vegetable Soup with Baby Bok Choy

17 Bean Soup - beans

I'm a soup lovin' kinda gal.

I could (and would) eat soup every single week if I could.

I'm a great soup creator. I actually love seeing what I have available and how I can make a soup out of it.

The last time I was at my local Trader Joe's I picked up a package of their 17 Bean & Barley soup mix. The beans just looked so good.

17 Bean Soup CU

I soaked the beans overnight and the next morning I got to choppin'. I julienned a few carrots, chopped up a yellow onion, cooked them in some olive oil, added in some chicken stock, in went the beans and about half a package of Trader Joe's mixed organic frozen veggies. I covered the pot and simmered for a good hour and a half. When the soup was just about ready I added in some baby bok choy. My absolute favorite thing at the Asian market.

17 Bean Soup bowl

I didn't write down a recipe for this soup. I love that there is no recipe. Sometimes soups should just be a mixutre of what you have on hand, what you need to use up, or what you're craving.

Not only was this healthy, it was delicious and it made a lot. We ate soup for 2 days with the Hot Bread that I baked up.

Maybe this will inspire a few of you to dig through your pantry's and freezers and see what soup you can come up with.

17 Bean Soup1
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