Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patient Updates

Moose Chillin

Life has been a wee bit hectic these past few weeks.

It was like we were all on this fast train and we couldn’t get off.

There were trips back and forth to two different hospitals, trips back and forth to our vet who is on the other end of the state, endless phone calls and updates, new meds for Moose and even an unexpected blood transfusion for him last Friday (Moose, not Dad). Not fun!

It’s amazing how stress can affect your life. My body was a bundle of nerves. There was no desire to cook or clean, never mind thinking about making something from scratch. It was just about making it through the day.

By Sunday we knew Dad was going to have the defibrillator put in and the doc assured us that his heart was strong and that he should do well with the surgery, and he did. I’m happy to report that he’s now home, happily sitting in his lazy boy watching all his taped shows. Here’s a pic I took the day of his surgery. That’s about 10 hrs after the operation. He was checking out the TV guide in the paper.

Ri Hosp Dad

To say that we all feel a big sigh of relief is an understatement. I’m so happy that my Dad will be here for many more years and that life as we all know it will return to a sense of normalcy. Again, thanks to all of you who sent prayers, well wishes, emails, words of encouragement. My friends and family, and you guys, are always there when I need you. I am so thankful for you all.

I actually spent a quiet hour in the kitchen cooking on Sunday. It was nice. It was my normal. That’s what we are all craving right now…normal…mundane…the every day routine.

Moose had his blood transfusion, is on new meds and is slowly getting back to his old self. We’ll be going to the vet every few weeks to monitor his blood, but we can deal with that.

I have a few posts ready to roll, you’ll be seeing them soon.
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