Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday & a little crappy luck.

Watsons Farm horsehoe

Yes, this is a not so wordless Wednesday today. I have some 'splanin to do.

So the contents of my breezeway are now in my garage as it gets a brand spankin' new tile floor. I'm excited about it, but I hate the mess and disorganization it causes in my life. I know "Waaaah" right?

Anyway, on top of the mess I am without a computer.

My 16 year old son and his 17 year old friend decided to take apart my computer on Monday.

I had parts all over the floor.

"Mom we know what we're doing" I heard over and over again.

17 year old takes my computer home to install new parts. The mother board dies. He orders a new one. It will probably be a week before my computer is up and running. My only warning to the 17 year old computer wiz "You lose my pictures and you are gonna be in some kinda trouble young man". He assures me he won't.

Oh yeah, another little funny tid bit. Monday night I took Moose's meds instead of mine, by mistake of course. There was a call to poison control (I'd be fine) and many, many dog jokes. John told his Mom that I was fine but he couldn't understand why I kept sniffing his butt. Yes that is how my husband is. I know you are all laughing. It was funny.

I am limited to lunch time at work to try and post and catch up on blogs (like that's gonna happen in 1 hour). If anything good is happening, someone let me know on Facebook, lol.
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