Monday, October 10, 2011

Right Now

Forest in a blur

Time: 7:41am

In my mug:
honey and lemon tea.

In my ears: Colin Hay. Thanks to Jennifer for sharing him with me. (Yes that voice is familiar...think Men@Work. Who woulda thunk??? Love his voice.)

In my belly: just the tea. Waiting on John to get home from work so our vacation can begin.

On me: My "I'm in the Moooood for love" t-shirt. Picture two cows in love, in a row boat....hey it's a sleepin' shirt!

Last watched: Dexter. I am addicted.

By my bedside: Latest issues of Savuer & Bon Appetit. 

Under my nails: Paint. Been doing a lot of that lately.

Looking forward to: VACATION! read on:

October is my favorite month.

Not only because of all the obvious reasons (the fall leaves, the fall foods, the fall clothes, my anniversary, pumpkins, warm socks, cozy blankets, etc. I really could go on and on here). It's also my favorite month cause I always take vacation time. I rarely take a full week, but October is an exception.

So we're on vacation this week. We will be off to Boston with friends, we will be taking care of odds n' ends around the house, we will be celebrating my baby turning 15 and I will be cooking and baking, not only for Evan's birthday party, but with all the apples we picked this past weekend.

Get ready for some apple recipes.
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