Friday, April 13, 2012

Waiting to exhale.


I carry this big to-do list around in my head every day
Each and every hour of the day
It’s always there
It keeps me awake at night
It forced me to be obsessive about list making
About crossing things off
A scratched off word
Erased in my head
More to fill its space

Sometimes I wonder if that space will ever be full
Will there come a time when those spaces will fill up with something other than what needs to be done?
What to pick up at the grocery store
What needs to be done in the yard
The garden
The house
My life

I don’t want time to rob me of the things I want to do
To take more photos
Make more pies
Read more books

Will there be a day when I’m free of the “to-do’s”?
When the “cant’s” are replaced by the “yes you cans”?
When my mind will finally take a rest
and let the rest of me breathe?

I'm waiting to exhale.
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