Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Months

Moose bw

his tattered bunny still sits on my bureau

don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to part with it

I walk by and smell it from time to time

breathing the last bits of him in.

the big basket on top of the armoire that is filled with his brushes, bandanas and grooming items has sat untouched.

can’t bare it just yet

losing all the little pieces of his life hurts

there are still mornings when my foot touches the bedroom floor and I expect to feel his fuzzy coat between my toes

hear his snoring

call out his name

never has the house felt so empty when I am alone in it

no clicking toe nails on the hardwoods

no dog beds to trip over

no water dish to fill

the ride home every single night is tearful

he’s not there to run down the driveway to meet me

to lay beside me cuddled under blankets

to walk in the woods

to cheer my sadness

my constant companion gone

my heart still very broken
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