What's with the name?

I started this blog upon the urging of a few friends who said, "you should start a blog".

They said it quite a bit. In fact they said it so much that I went ahead and did it back in December of 2007. Simple as that.

Originally the intention was that this would be sort of a virtual cookbook, a place where I could write and photograph the things I cook and bake and make. It's not all about food. Well ok, a lot of it is about food, but not 100%. It's also about my life. So it was a way to share what was happening here in my little New England town with family and friends who lived far from us.

It has turned into a real joy for me. I've met wonderful people in blogdom. I've formed friendships with people who I might have never gotten to have known otherwise and for that I am grateful.

I have had people ask me why the name The Cutting Edge of Ordinary? Well isn't it the ordinary in the life that connects us all? Ordinary is not a bad thing. I am ordinary. My life, my job, my skills, all ordinary. 

What is extraordinary is the family and friends I surround myself with.


I hope you find somethng extraordinary here too.