Monday, June 15, 2009

Outside my kitchen window

Outside my kitchen window is a birch tree that is home to a robin and her babies.
Here they are about 2 weeks ago.
See the 3 little beaks?



Mama was sitting on them, keepin them all warm and snuggly inside the nest.


I guess they were hungry. Look at those mouths begging for food.


Fast forward a few weeks and look at how big those babies got.

Robin solo

They are still mighty hungry though.

RObins - 3 beaks

Their feathers are coming in too. This one wanted to show me.

Robins - wing

They are swaking and peeping all day long. Calling for their mama to come and fill their bellies.

I guess she heard them.

Dinner is served.

Robins - Mama with worm

So mama got on to the business of feeding her babies.

Robins feeding

Then she looked at me like she was quite annoyed, as if to say, "Theres that lady with the camera again".

Robins - evil eye

She got over it pretty quick, and the babies started to ignored me.
Mama still had one eye on me.

Robins - looking

A few days later I was out with my camera in hand again, when I noticed something...hey wait a minute...there's not three babies in that nest but.......

FOUR. Yup, count 'em four.

Robins 4

They were still pretty hungry.

Robins 4 hungry

So mama served up some dinner yet again.

Robins 4 eating

Meanwhile this little guy started to chime in. I think he was jealous that I wasn't taking his picture.

little bird on perch

He kept flying over my head, screeching at me, scolding me.

He did have one moment when he shut his beak.

little bird on branch

That was over quickly and he was hollering at me again.

little bird CU

It's been very noisy in my yard lately.

little bird on birdhouse

I bet I'll miss it when they leave though.

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