Sunday, October 31, 2010

Right Now

Arcadia shrooms 2

I just looked back. I haven't done one of my "right nows" since June! Shame on me.

I think it's time.

Oh and just a little note...this is my 666th post! Honest, I'm not making that up! How appropriate today huh?

Time: 4:54 pm

In my mug: warm apple cider.

On the stereo: Black Sabbath -Hey it's Halloween after all! I adore Black Sabbath. If you think they are just heavy metal then think again. My fave song on this CD (which I think I wore out when I was a teenager) the only instrumental, Fluff. If you never listened to Black Sabbath, listen to this....

It may change your mind about them. I also love Spiral Architect.

In my belly: Turkey Meatballs & Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce. So good! Post coming!

In the fridge: Leftovers, acorn squash, butternut squash, baby eggplants, apple cider.

Last thing on the laptop: I'm reading stuff on this site almost everyday and learning so much.

On my wish list: Cookbooks of course!
These to name a few - Field Guide to Cookies - Anita Chu
Jamie @ Home - I love the way this man thinks and cooks.

John and I have vowed not to spend much at all on each other this Christmas. Maybe just a few little love gifts. We really have everything we need, maybe not everything we want, but surely all we need. I put these cookbooks on my wish list, but if I don't get them, I be fine. Really. Ok maybe if I just get the Jamie's one and I'll be fine.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving. Love that holiday. No gifts, just food, family and friends....oh and maybe raiding the Halloween bag later!

On the nightstand: Latest copies of Bon Appetit, Saveur, and another Lennon Bio (honestly haven't I read them all yet?) Finished The Reliable Wife in 2 days. Great quick read.

Last thing that made me laugh: (idea stolen from Jen) Overhead a Mom saying to her little girl.

"I don't like your attitude".

Little girl: "Do I look like Little Rabbit Fu-Fu to you??"
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