Sunday, December 26, 2010

Right Now.....

Time: 8:59pm

In my mug: cold tea that I didn't finish.

Outside my window: Twinkling Christmas lights and snow pouring down like rain. It's a blizzard! Really. We might get 20 inches!

In my belly: Chocolate Caramel covered apple. It was a Christmas treat and greatly enjoyed.


Beside me: a snoring Moose.

In the fridge: Both of them are filled with leftovers!

In my ears: John laughing at Worlds Dumbest something.

On me: Comfy red t-shirt that says "Let it Snow". I felt it was appropriate for the day. Yoga pants (even though I have never done yoga) and comfy socks.

Looking forward to: Planning and shopping for our New Years Eve dinner.

Grateful for: All the great stuff I got for Christmas. I scored Jamie's & Ina's new cookbooks!
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