Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Turducken 2

Recently I was contact by the nice folks at Echelon Foods in Canada. They wanted to send me a turducken to cook and review. Well let me tell you, when I mentioned it to my husband he just about leaped out of his chair. "tell them YES!" He's always wanted to try a turducken.

In case you don't know what a tuducken is: The turducken is a tasty beast. De-boned duck and chicken breasts are wrapped up with sausage stuffing and placed into a whole turkey, also deboned except for wings and drumsticks.


Look at the beautiful color. That was with no basting!

Turducken 1

Thaw, pop it into your oven, bake without basting, and then serve it to your guests with no need to carve or throw away bones! It couldn't have been simpler.

I decided to have a little turducken party last Sunday. We invited a few friends and some family and we went to town putting a hurting on this baby. Everyone LOVED it and I love the fact that all I did was throw it in a roasting pan, cooked it low and slow and take it out and slice it up was great! There is practically no waste!

Instead of the usual ham or turkey, think about getting a turducken this holiday season. We highly recommend it! It was moist and juicy and that stuffing.....it was so good!

Echelon has turduckens with two different kinds of stuffing and they even have gourmet turducken burgers!

My friend John could hardly wait for me to take a picture!!

Turducken 4

We all (and I mean all of my family and friends) recommend trying a turducken! Delicious!

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