Friday, September 12, 2008

Foodie Friends Love

Just when I thought yesterday couldn't have gotten any better, in the middle of all the celebrating the UPS man comes strolling up the driveway with a package for me? Hmmmmm, I didn't order anything did I? (well not this week anyway, lol).

Turns out it was a box full of home made jam from my foodie friend Jules. I was so tickled! Packed inside was Strawberry, Apricot and Triple Berry Jams. They were absolutely gorgeous. It was all I could do not to open up every one right that very second and steal a spoonful in front of all my guests. I suppose I could have, but look at those beauties, I didn't want to share!

This morning I finally got to dig into them. Oh my heavens! Jules, you are the jam queen! I used my husband as my "prop man" and had him hold the jar while I took a photo of that gorgeous jam glistening down that spoon.

Immediately after I grabbed the spoon and licked it clean. Delicious!! The best triple berry jam that has ever crossed my lips! You have outdone yourself woman. Next was the strawberry and apricot.....equally scrumptious!

I'm already thinking up ways to use them in my baking. Oh, maybe I can use the apricot to glaze that pound cake I have in the freezer for emergency company? I could stir the strawberry into my oatmeal, or pour over ice cream? The possibilities are deliciously endless. This is going to be fun!

Thank you so much Jules. You made a perfectly wonderful day even more sweet!


Jules said...

and, as someone who loves chocolate cookies, I'm thinking that the strawberry jam - spread over the underside of one of those bad boys - would be ... ummm ... why I'd bet it'd be ... *insert 10-note theme music* 8-)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!