Sunday, November 16, 2008

Technical difficulties.

Hey all. Some of you may not have been able to access the blog since Friday. I had some technical difficulties over the weekend. Even I couldn't access my blog. After 2 days of troubleshooting, I finally contacted my IT guru at work and he told me to try to delete the last thing I posted and low and worked! So my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake will have to be re-posted, right now I'm holding off cause the whole thing gave me some funky posting vibe and I don't want posting karma to come back and bite my ass.

In addition to the blog problems, I've been without hot water since Friday! Yikes, it's been horrible. I have the gas man here now working on it and I am so praying he can fix it cause driving 20 minutes to my Moms to take a shower in not my idea of fun.

I'm going to take my stinky self back into the kitchen and make some Ham & Navy Bean Soup and some Beer Bread (posts coming). I didn't cook or bake all weekend. Feels very strange. We did go out last night for one of the best meals I've had all year at a local restaurant called Spain. We celebrated my friends John's birthday with some excellent food and 2 pitchers of Sangria....which helped my mood out immensely. After a few big glasses of Sangria, you really don't care what you smell like!


Anonymous said...

Yeah there were weird problems and this meassage kept coming up. But I saw the cake and it looked beautiful!

Daziano said...

How weird! But I'm glad to see that everything is working again!