Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Inspiration from Elsewhere Living.

50 of my favorite things.

1. smell of my husband right outta the shower

2. fluffy blankets

3. weight of the dog on my feet

4. tea with honey

5. nutella on crusty bread

6. big trees

7. cupcakes

8. old mason jars

9. van morrisons voice

10. warm apple cider

11. big rings

12. big bowls

13. my pu-puns (slippers)

14. pomegranates

15. crafting

16. blue sweater - knit by Gram

17. simmering soup on the stove.

18. wood wick candles

19. torrone candy

20. caramelized onions

21. first snow

22. foot rubs

23. daisies

24. vintage cooking utensils

25. yard sales

26. old photos

27. my camera

28. mom's pizzelle's

29. hippie skirts

30. knit scarfs

31. dexter (I'm addicted)

32. rice flower & shea body spray

33. rob thomas

34. napkin rings (it's a sickness I tell ya)

35. birthday parties with homemade cake

36. baby powder

37. mittens

38. my in-laws

39. my husband's hands

40. runny eggs

41. figs

42. thunderstorms

43. fireflies

44. vintage silverware

45. scottish accents

46. coffee milk

47. etsy

48. smell of the ocean

49. mayberry re-runs

50. pie - what better way to end??

Hope this list inspires you to think of 50 of your faves.


Nutmeg Nanny said...

This is so fun! Now I want to do it :) I have to agree foot rubs are the best! If I had my way I would get a pedicure everyday :)

Debbie said...

I'm a fairly new reader; made my way over from the Magpie's.

I love the list of Fifty. It's so fun and now I want to do my own. I wonder if all women are the same and love the smell of their husband. I especially love the back of my husband's neck.

Anonymous said...

#2,4,6,7,14,27,29,33,42,43,45,47,48 & 49

consider me inspired, though must think, think, think.

Robin said...

Love them all - but where's chocolate??

Melissa said...

I loved reading this Lisa. It gives me a warm, wonderful sense of who you are, even more than what I've known. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kim (@ Paper Apron) said...

50, huh? I could do a hundred and list yours as the first 50 since so many of them sound like heaven on Earth.

Not number one, though.
I mean, that just wouldn't be right!! hahaha.

However, I will test this out on my own husband.

You have inspired me this morning! My site is down right now, but if it comes back up, this is my blog tonight! I love thinking about things that make me happy.