Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RIP Phineaus

Last Days of Summer - Phineas the Fig

May 2009 – May 2010

The little twig I brought home in May of ’09, that I watched grow and flourish throughout the summer, that I beamed for every time I saw a new leaf unfold, that I carefully wrapped in a blanket and tucked away into the corner of the shed so he could go dormant over the winter is no more. Sniff.

I named him Phineaus. Now I don’t normally name my plants, but this fig was special to me. I imagined summers years from now, picking plump, ripe figs from his branches. Drizzling them with honey, or slicing them thin and putting them on the perfect thin crust pizza with pear and prosciutto. Oh I had plans for Phineaus. Glorious, delicious plans.

I didn’t even see it coming. I mean he looked ok when I took him out of the shed. Two long stick protruding out of a comfy clay pot.

Is he supposed to look like two scraggly sticks? I researched. Yup, stick-like is ok. They should bud and come back.

So we moved him into the breezeway in May. Buds emerged. Yeah. I had hope. He was coming back and then….progress stopped. That’s how he stayed. In stick-form. No other buds formed except the two that originally emerged.


He just needs more sunlight I reasoned. So out he went into the warm sun on the deck where he had spent all of last summer.

Weeks passed…..nothing. The once plump buds dried up. The stick started to wither. I had to face the facts. Phineaus was gone.

I have to say, it really made me sad. Genuinely heartbroken but I’m not giving up.

Hell no.

Meet Thor. My baby Brown Turkey Fig.

Thor June 15

Yes I know he doesn’t look too impressive right now and he may be a wee bit little for his pot. Two little stick and two small leaves, but give him time. I have faith in Thor.

Thor CU

Why Thor?

I’m sure you must be thinking, oh she choose it cause it’s a strong name. Thor – God of Thunder. Warrior. Viking.

Ummm, no, sorry. I named him Thor for one of my favorite characters on Nurse Jackie, Thor the gay, diabetic, cake-loving male nurse. He’s big but sweet. The same qualities I hope my fig tree Thor will have.

Wish us luck!


Monica H said...

Aw, how sad. I'm sorry your plant didn't make it, but I have high hopes for Thor. Love his name- ha ha!

Ashley said...

From my experience with vikings and their descendents (married to a Swede and live in Sweden :)) They are tough, this Thor is going to be a survivor! :)

Amy said...

This made me laugh and weep a little at the same time. I don't have a true green thumb, so plants usually don't live long around me. I always have high hopes...and then they're dashed. I would love a fig tree - and I think Thor is very fitting.

Tracey said...

RIP Phineaus.....
Best of Luck, Thor, you have big shoes to fill :)