Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right Now 2-24-11

Nov 09 lighed leaves

Time: 7:10 pm

In my mug: tea and honey.

In my belly: Eggs, toast and ham (we had breakfast supper).

Beside me: a snuggly Moose.

In my ears: the clicking of the keyboard.

On the nightstand: Latest issues of Cooking Light, Saveur, Food & Wine, lots of hair scrungies, box of tissue, Aquaphor and hand cream.

What I'm craving: Cadbury mini eggs. My absolute favorite thing about spring is knowing that these luscious morsels are coming out!

In my head: recipes, recipes, recipes! I'm making fish tacos this weekend. I've been craving them and I finally found a terrific recipe (thanks Sweet Melissa).

I'm thankful that: Moose is doing well. We are slowly getting into a routine with the shots and Moose's blood sugar is leveling out.

I'm grateful for: my cozy little house, my warm blanket, my snoring hubby on the couch, and getting to watch Steven Tyler twice a week on American Idol!!


Amy said...

Love when you do these...a little peek into your world today.

Great to hear that Moose is better, American Idol is being TiVo'd. And Cadbury mini eggs? NOM.

Brooke said...

Oh, I saw a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs at Sam's club last week. Go get yourself some! :) and ENJOY!!

Melissa said...

Glad to hear Moose is doing well. Enjoy your tacos - not that the idea has been in my head all week, I'm craving them myself.

Kim said...

Now I understand. I completely understand your infatuation because I've fallen for him, too. In fact, almost every one I know has fallen for him-- my mom, my husband, even little church going ladies I've been hearing about are falling for him. He's all the rage around my living room.

Glad to hear Moose is feeling better.

krysta said...

okay... had to laugh. want to know what's on my nightstand? cooking magazine and aquaphor (i swear by the stuff)

Cathlyn said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm also grateful for my cozy cottage in Long Beach. It's cold and rainy here. I always think of the homeless people on days like this. I'm so grateful I don't have to seek shelter. In this household, I'm the one usually snoring on the couch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!