Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right Now 2-24-11

Nov 09 lighed leaves

Time: 7:10 pm

In my mug: tea and honey.

In my belly: Eggs, toast and ham (we had breakfast supper).

Beside me: a snuggly Moose.

In my ears: the clicking of the keyboard.

On the nightstand: Latest issues of Cooking Light, Saveur, Food & Wine, lots of hair scrungies, box of tissue, Aquaphor and hand cream.

What I'm craving: Cadbury mini eggs. My absolute favorite thing about spring is knowing that these luscious morsels are coming out!

In my head: recipes, recipes, recipes! I'm making fish tacos this weekend. I've been craving them and I finally found a terrific recipe (thanks Sweet Melissa).

I'm thankful that: Moose is doing well. We are slowly getting into a routine with the shots and Moose's blood sugar is leveling out.

I'm grateful for: my cozy little house, my warm blanket, my snoring hubby on the couch, and getting to watch Steven Tyler twice a week on American Idol!!
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