Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a little update.

1st -  I'm sick. I'm stuffy and I have a runny, red nose and I'm pretty darned miserable.

I haven't been sick with a cold in years so this is really aggravating me.

I hate to bitch and complain, but I am bitching and complaining. I'm cranky, can you tell?

2nd - my computer should be back up and running before the weekend. I have a great recipe to post if I can ever get to it (I'm typing this at work - shhhhhh - I never take my breaks so I can blow 5 minutes once in awhile right?)

3rd - I'm excited about it being September and the chilly weather and getting to wear my sweaters and socks again. It's the little things that make me happy.

4th - I have pics that are stuck in camera that I can't download. I hate that.

5th - I hope you are all well. I miss you guys. I miss reading your posts and drooling over your recipes and being inspired by all the wonderful things you crazy bloggers do.

 I'll be back soon!

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Maja said...

Hope you feel better soon and thatz all your stars align soon :D