Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh Ginger Dressing

Ginger Dressing

I'm getting a little slacky with the blog.

I'm not apologizing. I said many times before, I blog when I want to. I need to have the freedom not to post if I don't feel like it. If blogging was my full time job then things might be different, but when you are away from the house at work for 40+ hours a week, it just can't be.

So I might have 10 recipes ready for posting, some of the pics may be downloaded from the camera, some not. Lots of posts sit in queue, waiting for me to write something. Pictures and a recipe stuck on a page waiting for my words.

As I said in my "Summer Lovin'" post, I'm really trying, despite the hot weather, to enjoy my summer, and most times that does not include sitting in front of a computer. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

Fall and winter will be here before you know it and the folder of all the delicious soups, stews and casseroles will come out of it's home and beg me to heat the oven up and share it all with you friends, but right now it's time to break out the cooler menus.

Like a lot of you, we have been eating lots of salads, and while we do enjoy some of the prepared dressings you can buy, nothing beats making your own...and it's so simple.

This fresh ginger dressing is absolutely delicious. Your salad greens will be doing a happy dance before they get to your mouth.

I found this on A Farm Girl Dabbles. The recipe is from her grandma for goodness sake. A grandma recipe. It just has to be good.

Ginger Dressing1

Fresh Ginger Dressing
recipe from A Farm Girl Dabbles
½ cups vegetable oil
½ cups rice vinegar (or regular white vinegar)
⅓ cups honey
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
Pinch of kosher salt & pepper

Combine all ingredients in a pint jar and shake vigorously. That’s it! Serve with your favorite fresh greens. Keeps well in the refrigerator for 1 week.


StephenC said...

We'll gladly read your posts when the timing is right for you to produce them. This dressing is not only very tasty sounding, but also very simple. Of late I have been using pickled ginger, available in jars in my supermarkets. It is perky flavored and doesn't even require refrigeration.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Ooooh! Yum!

trump said...

Nice recipe and I agree with you just blog when you can! Richard

Kim said...

My personal "summer break" has been going on since February, so I completely understand! That said, I am continually amazed at how often you post and how thoughtful and detailed you are when you do. TCEoO is such a happy place for me. And I think your philosophy makes perfect sense.
And yay for the homemade ginger dressing! I'm big on fresh salads tossed in non-preservative dressings. I'll give this one a try.