Monday, July 7, 2008

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

Well I had a go at my second test recipe (I made the Firecracker Shrimp awhile back) for Jaden @ Jaden's Steamy Kitchens for her upcoming cookbook.
There is a little series of questions to answer so I will do that here:

1. Did the recipe sound interesting to you from reading the title? What about after you read the ingredient list? Sure did that's why I decided to make it.

2. Were all of the ingredients easy for you to find? If not, which ones were troublesome? If you made substitutions, what substitutions did you make? I have a local Asian Market not far from home, so finding the ingredients wasn't hard at all. Most I had on hand, the only thing I needed to buy was the Chinese sausage.

3. Did the instructions make sense to you? Do you think they would make sense to the average home cook? Was there any part of the recipe that needed clarification, or that you think could be explained in a more easily understandable manner? Made total sense to me. I even had my 13 year old read it and he said he understood it.

4. Were any techniques or procedures unfamiliar to you, or more work than you thought they would be? (or involve more effort) No, pretty easy actually. From pan to plate in less than 15 minutes total time. That's always a help for a busy Mom!

5. Were the times and temperatures associated with various steps correct? Perfect

6. What did you think of the completed dish? We all loved it! The flavor that the Chinese sausage gave this dish was delicious!
• Was this dish easy to make?
• Was it appealing to look at? If there is a photo posted, does your finished dish look similar?
I think it looks similar to yours, but your photos always look better than mine.
• Did it smell good?
Yup, made the teenager pry his eyes away from his computer long enough to ask..."what smells good Mom?"
• Did it taste good?
Very good!
• Was it what you expected it to be, in terms of appearance as well as taste? Yes.
• What did your friends/family think about the completed dish?
Family loved it. "You can make this again Mom" I think that says it all.
• Was the number of servings correct, and were the portions appropriate? Yes.
• Would you make this dish again?
Definitely, I will be making this again.
• On a scale of 1-10, rate this dish. What would make this dish EVEN BETTER? I really think it's perfect just the way it is. Any additions would just be a plus. I added in some leftover carrots and peas that I had, but you could really use up any of your leftovers with this dish. We loved it!!

My family really loved this fried rice. That Chinese sausage just gives it a wonderful flavor. I think I may need to go back to the Asian market and stock up on more! Oh I almost forgot, the most important tip - use day old rice - I used Jasmine rice, it really makes a difference!
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