Monday, July 14, 2008

Things that make me happy #16

Buried Treasures

Over the weekend we bought another storage shed...this one just to hold the long handled tools that seems to be taking up too much room in the regular shed. John had to dig a bit to get the ground level. Look what he found in just a few feet of dirt:

An old pull tab to a soda can. I asked the kids what it was, they had no idea. I told them "this is how we used to open up soda cans".

"That is totally weird" Jesse said.

Some Singer sewing needles. I had to knock the dirt outta the container.

A really rusty fishing reel. It was practically crunchy!

Three love nuts! One with the meat still in it! What a find! If you are unfamiliar with the love nut story you can catchup here:Love Nut Story.

All that stuff in just a few feet of dirt. Kinda makes me wanna go dig up some more of the yard to see what I can find.

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