Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things that make me happy #17

Origanum rotundifolium (Ornamental Oregano - Kent Beauty)

Two days of things that make me happy in one week!

I have to show you my favorite plant of this season (well technically it's an herb, but it's really not edible, so I'm calling it a plant). My Ornamental Oregano. Just look at it, isn't it pretty?

When I walked into the nursery last month I was immediately drawn to this plant. There was a large plant in the middle of the greenhouse and it dragged me in from 10 feet away. Those chartreuse leaves, the pinkish tinges on the petals, the delicate way it arches and bends, like dozens of little bells on a vine. I love this plant. I love watching it change, and grow. I love the way the light catches each leaf, the dark green veins, the tiny purple trumpeted flowers it produces.

The leaves turn from that beautiful chartreuse color to a light purple and finally to a deep pink. It extraordinary. This baby is making it's way indoors for the winter. I'm not letting the Rhode Island winter do any damage to this beauty.

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