Thursday, July 24, 2008


I could really use some. First we had a heatwave for a week, now it's been pouring, and I do mean pouring buckets for 2 days. Yesterday at about 4pm it got so dark out that it looked like it was midnight. The skies opened up and there was just a sheet of water pouring from the sky. Thunder boomed so loud it shook the house. I thought it was going to crack open the roof and scoop us all up into the clouds. I love thunderstorms but this was damn scary.

Last night the storms continued but in a good way. A slow trickle of rain, thunder off in the distance, the flash of lightening across the sky. It cooled everything down and just the sound of it falling put us all in a melancholy mood for the evening. The electronics were unplugged and we all curled up with a good book and just sat in silence, reading and listening to the rain fall.

Jesse said to me "I hope we loose power".

"Why?" I asked

"Cause then we could light candles and lamps and play board games, it's cool"

I have to agree with him. It is cool when it happens. It kind of makes us all just take a step back from our hectic lives, detach from the electronic devices that sometimes rule our worlds and just enjoy each other. Enjoy being together. We break out a board game and all huddle around the big table in the living room and laugh and talk and just be.

Just be.

It's storming again tonight, so I need to get off this computer until it passes. I kind of hope the lights go out now too.

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