Saturday, July 26, 2008

Farmer's Market

Evan and I got up early this morning and took a ride to the local Farmer's Market. It's located in Scituate, which is about 15 minutes from our house. There were lots and lots of tents set up and lots and lots of food and goodies. I chatted with a wood carver, a herbalist, a lady who makes her own dips and sauces, a man who makes his own hot sauces, a couple of young hippies who ran a vegan booth (Evan ate of their vegan Oreo cupcakes for breakfast and said it was great) and a very nice lady who sold beautiful bouquets of her home grown flowers. I bought a bouquet for my table for dinner tonight. Everyone is very happy and chatty at the Farmers market, so I fit right in.

There were lots of veggies, but our garden is keeping us supplied with those. I also talked to a little girl who was selling lemonade and hand made coasters for the local dog shelter. Evan and I bought lemonades and one of her adorable coasters. She had a little loom and was weaving away making them. She was so tickled when I told her I was going to put her coaster right by my computer and use is every day.

I also found a booth for Rhode Island Soapworks. Oddly enough she wasn't selling soap, but herbs, and lip balm. I chatted with her for a bit and ended up getting some Herbs de Provence, Marjoram, and some Italian seasonings that I plan on using tonight when I make garlic bread. 2 of the bags were 50 cents and the Herbs de Provence was only 75 cents. How could I pass that up? Of course being the lip balm addicted person that I am, I couldn't pass up on her herbed balms. I picked a strawberry lime one. It smells so good I could eat it.

There was a bread stand there that was amazing. I could have bought $100 worth of bread easily. I wanted every loaf and bun they had.

Evan ended up with a hand made necklace. It's a little sea shell with a tiny hole punched in it. The little boy who was selling them was about Evan's age and took great pride in telling him where he found the shells, how he made the holes in them and strung them, it was so cute.

Moose also got some liver and cheese treats. He was very thankful.
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