Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Nov 09 berries

Sunday was a particularly beautiful fall day here in New England.

The perfect day for us to venture out to one of our favorite walking trails. Every year I take the annual Christmas card photo of the boys in November.

This year we were pretty early, but if anyone knows New England, you know that you can never tell what November weather will bring, so we took advantage of the beautiful day and headed out to take a walk and snap some photos.

Some things looked fuzzy....

Nov 09 snowy looking branches

and dainty.....

Nov 09 tiny flowers

Some leaves even looked like they were lit from behind.

Nov 09 lighed leaves

Some plants came home with us....

I found some of these guys attached to my sweater.

Nov 09 thistle

Others just waved in the breeze...

Nov 09 reach

or scattered seeds from their milky pods.

Nov 09 milk pod

Some were bent but still beautiful.

Nov 09 berries 1

Even the rocks showed their mossy beauty.

Nov 09 mossy rocks

Nov 09 mossy rocks1

In my eyes, even more beautiful than the scenery, were visions of my three favorite men.

My oldest.

Nov 09 Jess

My baby.

Nov 09 Evan

John stealing a few minutes alone.

Nov 09 John

Photos for the Christmas card shoot.
Oh there were lots and lots of pictures.

Nov 09 Evan Tree

Nov 09 Evan pensive

Nov 09 Jess1

Nov 09 Jess smiling

Nov 09 Jess dreamy

Nov 09 creek jumpin

Nov 09 creek jumpin 1

I still look at them and think...how did they grow up so fast?

How is it possible that it seems like just years ago I was singing Beatles songs to them, wrapped up in snuggly blankets, eating peanut butter and honey crackers, while we giggled softly to each other. How?

Nov 09 Jesse and Evan

Now they are on their way to being men.

Slow down time.

Mama needs you to just ease up a bit.

Nov 09 Jess and Evan 1

Nov 09 Jess Evan walking down path
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