Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teeny Tiny Taters & a winner!

Ok first of all the winner of Pioneer Woman's Cookbook is......drumroll...

Lynda's Recipe Box!

Lynda, please email me your address so I can get that in the mail for you.

Much thanks to all of you who entered.
I think I just might have to have another giveaway for the holidays so check back folks.

Now on to the spuds.

Teeny Tiny Taters bowl

That's not a giant bowl of taters you see.

It's a small bowl of teeny tiny taters.

How adorable are they??

I found them at Trader Joe's this weekend. I squealed when I saw them. I really did, and one of the happy Trader Joe employees heard me squeal and she immediately knew what I was squealing at and she said "Aren't they adorable"? "Why yes they are".

So I bought a bag. $1.99, not too bad.

Teeny Tiny Taters CU

I think I'm going to roast them up with the balsamic pearl onions. They should work perfectly with them cause they are just about the same size. Look.

Teeny Tiny Taters with onion

It's the really little things that make me smile.


Km said...

My heart runneth over with these sweet little babies! They're like puppies. We can't help ourselves. I've never seen these anywhere, but if I do, I'll snatch up my own bag. I'm on the lookout...

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I would be jumping up and down myself. We finally went to Trader Joe's when we were in San Francisco...Canadians are TJ deprived.

natural selection said...

Nice Potatoes!I had a vision of these little bites in a salad? You know the potatoes still warm with a nice simple dressing and crisp greens and rosemary salt.

Melissa said...

Makes me happy too. I *love* little potatoes. They roast up so beautifully!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

They are so cute and tiny:) I love them!

Doreen Frost said...

Potatoes!!!! My all time favorite food. I could very easily eat them each and every.


Laurie said...

Oooh, we were just talking about a possible trip to Trader Joe's this weekend. Those are too cute! And Strange's idea sounds delicious.

{kms} said...

beautiful photos. can those potatoes be any cuter?!