Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What to do with leftover dough scraps?

Since lots of you will be in the kitchen over the next few days, I thought I'd share this little tidbit of sweetness...

Ever since I was very little girl, when I my Gram and I were done making pies, we would gather up all the dough scraps and make something we would call Thratchkees.

Thratchkees?? Sounds Russian or Polish doesn’t it? Do you want to know the origin of this word?

I’ll tell you.... it’s made up.Yup, it's a word that technically doesn't exist. There is a French word which is very similar to this word and since my Gram couldn’t pronounce it, she started to call this Thratchkees and they have been Thartchkees ever since.

I actually went online and tried to find the word that sounds similar, but I had no luck. I even posted an inquiry on a message board. What I did learn from that was that lots of people make a version of this treat and they all call it something different.

Mini Cinnamons
Old Women’s Belly Buttons (ewww)
And my fave….
Nun’s Farts or Pet de Soeurs.

Call them whatever you like, these little suckers are good and very easy to make.

Gather up all your dough scraps. Roll them into a ball and then roll out the dough rather thinly.

Spread the dough with butter, and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Put a good layer of the cinnamon and sugar on.

Tharohki collage

Roll the dough up jellyroll style, and then slice into about ½ inch pieces. Lay them flat side down and bake in a 350 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until the sugars start to caramelize.

Tharohki sliced

They'll puff up and look like little cinnamon rolls.

Eat them warm from the oven, when they taste the best.

I love that a tradition that started with my Gram is continuing on with my kids.

I hope someday they'll make them with their kids.
I wonder if they'll still call them Thratchkees??

Tharohki baked

If anyone knows the French word for these treats, please let me know, it's driving me crazy!

I'll be back in a few days with some goodies that I made for Turkey Day.

Hopefully I'll be able to grab a few pictures before the dessert scavengers descend upon them.

Enjoy your holiday. I hope it's spent with the people you love, eating the things you love and that there is lots of downtime involved! I know there will be at our house!

I will leave you with this touching quote by the comedian Kevin James.

"Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants".
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