Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trader Joe's Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut cu

We finally got a Trader Joe’s last year! Hooray! Those of you with a Trader Joe’s near by know what I’m talkin’ about. For years and years I would hear about TJ’s on message boards and blogs and see some of the wonderful products they carried and wished and hoped that one would open someday in Rhode Island and low and behold, my wish came true. Last fall TJ’s opened it’s newest store, 10 minutes from my house. 10 minutes! How glorious! I already have products that have become favorites for me…the Haricots Verts (french-style green beans), frozen artichoke hearts, goddess dressing, the sopressata’s ($3.99 each!), chocolate covered espresso beans, all the frozen fruits, the cheeses, the nuts, I could go on and on.

One of my most favorite things is the Quick Cook Steel Cuts Oats. If you like regular rolled oats in the little brown packages, I strongly urge you to try steel cut oats. Nuttier than instant oatmeal and packed with way more flavor, they are far superior to instant oatmeal in my opinion. I’ve eaten other brands and really enjoyed them, but most of those have much longer cooking times and just weren’t feasible for me on hectic mornings. TJ’s oats are ready in less than 8 minutes and one serving is the perfect amount for breakfast. I like mine with a little maple syrup and some walnuts, some fresh berries and almonds, or some home made granola and diced bananas. The topping possibilities are endless so I always feel like I’m having something new for breakfast, even though there are mornings that I wish I was eating a big ole cinnamon bun smothered in frosting, but we just can’t do that now can we?? Dammit.

Steel cut bowl

Thank you for listening to my pleas and opening a store in Rhode Island Trader Joe people, now I have to get to work on those Ikea people.
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