Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work and play and some perfect days.


That was the word that described this weekend. The weather here in Rhode Island was in the mid 80's.
Unheard of for this time of year.

We spent twelve hours in the yard on Saturday. Twelve, but they were a good twelve hours, filled with work and play. We're feeling satisfied with all the improvements we've made and are looking forward to planting and watching our veggies and flowers grow.
We had a bunch of kids around (as always) and they went on scooter rides, layed in the sunshine and made smores by the fire at night.

There was tree climbing.

Evan Tree

Nest finding.

Bird Nest

Deck Staining.

Deck Staining

Bench making.


Smokin' and Jokin'...

Smokin and Jokin

..and a night by the fire. The kids made smores but had more fun burning the sticks than anything else.

Fire Pit guys1

Evan was "writing" in the air with his stick. He must have been making an O when I snapped this picture.

Fire Pit kids

We talked and laughed, listened to the kids having fun, and rested our bodies from the long day of work.

Fire Pit guys

A very good weekend indeed.

Jesse Fire Pit


noble pig said...

OMG that sounds like a wonderful day! I hope the weather sticks for a while before it goes cold or too hot. Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Lovely post, beautiful bench, great family and awesome picture of the glowing O. :D

Shelley said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. I hope that this summer season brings you all a lot more of them.

Bunny said...

Don't you just love weekends like that, awesome pictures!!

John P said...

Oh look - I'm famous. Unfortunately, I missed all the work during the day but you had another John to torture. Hooray!