Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schools out for summer!

Today is the last day of school for the kids.

They are pretty excited about it.

Jesse plans on sleeping till noon tomorrow.

I'm sure he will have no problem doing that.

He also decided that he was going to buzz off all his hair Wednesday night. Seeing that he spends more time in the bathroom then the rest of us combined, I was more than happy to assist him in removing the wavy clumps of tresses that have been blow dried for hundreds of hours over the past school year.

Jesse before:

Jesse before

Jesse during:

Jesse during

Jesse After:

Jesse after

The aftermath:

Jesse during 1

John said he went from looking like Moe to looking like Curly.

Jess said he feels much better already.
I'm crossing my fingers that this will cut down on shower and bathroom time.
I can only hope.
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