Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer goals.

first tomatoes

· Learn to make a great cocktail.

· Perfect my new project - leaf castings.

· Learn how to make hypertufas.
(look it up)

· Go blueberry picking.

· Go strawberry picking.

· Eat lots of the berries that I picked.

· Cook with the berries I picked.

· Take my kids to Bodies Revealed.

· Go to the beach more.

· Have at least 5 picnics.

· Visit the Butterfly exhibit at the zoo.

· Catch up on my reading.

first growth spurt for the Fig

· Take better photos.

· Paint my toes a funky colors instead of my usual red.

· Create some new salads with all the greens I planted.

· Makes some new dressing to go with the new salads.

· Work on my making Christmas presents – yes I know I’m sick.

· Find a big Buddha statue for the garden.
No I’m not Buddhist, I just want a little fat man in the back yard.

first lettuce crop

· Worry less.

· Want Less.

· Give More.

I think I can do it.
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