Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer is bustin' out all over.

Everything finally seems to blooming and growing and flourishing here in New England.

I took my camera out, walked around the yard and snapped a few photos.


Our yard 2009-1

There are hundred upon hundreds of blooms on this plant.

Every year it gets bigger and bigger. I love it.

This is my mandevilla. It's slowly climbing up this trellis.

Our yard 2009-3

Here's one perfect bloom from the mandevilla.

Our yard 2009-2

My little succulent garden.

Our yard 2009-4

I love buying nasturtiums before they bloom so it's always a surprise as to what color it's going to be.

This year it's red.

Our yard 2009 - 5

Lambs Ear.

Our yard 2009-6

If you've never felt a lambs ear (the plant not a real lambs ear) you just can't imagine how incredibly soft this plant is.

Even though I love the bursts of color in the yard, I love plants that stay green all season long too.

Our yard 2009-7

Ferns are some of my favorites.

Our yard 2009-8

Mosses too.

Our yard 2009-18

Oh and I can't forget the silver mound.

Our yard 2009-20

This is the view down my driveway.
I like things kinda free flowing and wild.

Our yard 2009-10

Coleus have always been a favorite of mine.
I love all the different colors that they come. in.

Our yard 2009-17

Here's a couple of mushrooms hiding out in the lavender.

Our yard 2009-11

This little white chair sits in one of my favorite corners of the yard, nestled among the tiger lilies.

Our yard 2009-12

Our yard 2009-13

We love decorating the yard for the 4th of July.
We have flags all over.

Our yard 2009-19

Our yard 2009-16

Little bursts of color creeping between some rocks.

Our yard 2009-15

There's a few stone critters hanging out too.

Our yard 2009-14

Here is my most favorite flower of all.

My hydragena that John bought for me 3 years ago on Mothers Day. The plant was in bad shape and I thought for sure that it wouldn't make it till the next year, but much to my surprise, it grew and flourished and is now a huge plant filled with dozens upon dozens of beautiful blue blooms.

I adore this plant.

Our yard 2009

I picked up another one this spring and it's getting ready to produce a bloom. Looks like it's going to be a pink one (yes I know it's the acidity of the soil that changes the color). I'll snap a pic of that when it's ready.
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