Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Evan arm band

See that?

That stunning bracelet in a lovely shade of blue?

It's a wrist adornment that no mother wants to see on her child's arm.

Yesterday afternoon while I was 45 minutes from home, trampsing
to a Game Stop to by a Christmas present for my oldest, I get a call.

The call you knew was eventually going to come, but that you hoped
happened when you were in the near vicinity of your child.

Evan: (holding back tears): "Mom, I think I broke my wrist".

Me: (freaking out at the register of Game Stop very far from home): "You what?? How??"

Evan: "I fell off my bike doing the paper route with Brandon and it really hurts. I think it's broke. It hurts bad. Where are you???"

Me: "I'm on my way".

So we go speeding home, run into not one, but two dump
trucks going 5 miles an hour.
Why is that always the way?

I frantically call Tati and she rushes over to the house.
Having a nurse as your best friend comes in very handy sometimes.
She calls me when I am half way home and says she thinks it's broken too.
She takes Evan straight to the ER.

I dump John, Jesse & Moose off at the house.
Get to the hospital.
Evan's got a very swollen arm on ice.
I thank Tati profusely.
We wait an hour and a half to be seen.
Doc looks at arm. Yup I think it's broken.
X-Rays confirm it.
Half cast for now.
Full cast when the swelling goes down.

Here's a shot of some of the damage. Nice big scrape under his eye
and a little cut. That shiner is changing into different shades as I type.

Evan boo boo face

The boo-boo face when he thinks about not playing soccer for the rest of the season.

Evan boo boo face and pouty lip

It's only a couple of more games, but the boy loves soccer, so he is totally bummed.

His birthday is this Saturday too. Poor kid.

Evan boo boo on the couch

To add insult to injury we noticed that his wrist band labeled him and F and not an M.

"What idiots" says Evan.

Evan arm band

Time to go dig out a big plastic bag so this boy can shower.
Any Mom's who have been through the broken limb thing before?
Tips and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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