Monday, October 12, 2009

Lemon Honey Tea Base

Lemon Honey Remedy CU

I'm a tea person. My husband is a coffee person.
I never drink coffee, he never drinks tea and that
works out great for us.

I like lemon and honey in some of my teas.
I like milk and sugar in some.
I like some straight up.
I'm not a tea snob.

Give me a hot cup that's all I ask. I want that baby near the boiling point.
There is nothing worse than cold tea.
Ok there's lots of things worse than cold tea, but it doesn't make me happy.

I wandered upon a blog called A Little Life and found this
Lemon Honey Tea Base.

Lemon Honey Remedy

If there is anything that has "me" written all over it's this.
Two ingredients.
3 minutes to make.
A jar of lemony honey goodness in my fridge.
Add hot water and enjoy.

How do you prepare this golden amber concoction you ask? Well here's how Catherine from A Little Life first discovered it when her neighbor offered her some:

"She produced a glass container from the very back of her fridge and dug out a giant dollop of amber colored jam that she unceremoniously glopped into a cup. She poured boiling water over it, and handed me my mug. Wow, the most glorious thing I've ever was fruity, and warming, and totally blissful. I was surprised to find it only contained two ingredients as well...sliced lemons and honey".

Lemon Honey Remedy pouring jpg

So if you are a tea lover like me, go grab yourself a few lemons and some honey. I used a local Rhode Island honey, but any honey will do.

Slice the lemons up and pack them into a jar.
Pour the honey over the lemons. Close jar. Refrigerate.
When you are feeling sniffly, or chilly, or just want a warm cup of goodness,
grab that jar out of the fridge and fill yourself up.

Lemon Honey Remedy spoon


Mother Bliss said...

My kids LOVE honey and lemon, I usually pour honey into their mug with a lemon slice, top w/ hot water. But I bet the lemon sitting in the honey intensifies the lemony goodness! Love your blog!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

That looks beautiful and amazing. I think the honey lemon combination is perfect for tea.

Your blog is so lovely!

Giovanna said...

This looks great! I love hot tea as well, something just wonderfully soothing about it during a nice quiet read. I will definitely try this
: )

Unknown said...

Put this on some hot biscuits and I'd be in heaven.

Just got some blackberry honey at the honey stand that might be great with this.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Lee that honey would be great with those lemons. Let me know how you like it.

Laura Lindsey Photography said...

I made it Monday evening and am so glad - I love it! My grandpa is a beekeeper so I'll be passing the recipe on. Any idea how long it will keep in the refrigerator? Thanks so much!

katie said...

I know I am so late on this one, but I can't wait to make this. It looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

add some ginger to it!

Nazareth Secret said...

Wow! I love this idea! Do you mind if I feature this on my facebook page?

Anonymous said...

How long does the mix need to sit in the frig before you can use this.? I cant wait to try it.!

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I used it that same day!

Valeria's Inspirations and more! said...

How long does it last in the fridge??

Valeria's Inspirations and more! said...

How long does it last in the fridge??