Monday, December 21, 2009

I got blisters on my fingers!!!!

Was Ringo's voice just ringing through your head?

If not, you need to go and buy some Beatle CD's. Might I suggest every one they ever made?? No? Can't swing that right now, well then just go pick up a copy of the White Album, then listen to Helter Skelter, all the way to the end, ahhhh you hear Ringo???

Now you understand.

I promised I would show you what I was doing with all those little clay noses.....and lots of wood, sandpaper, paint, stain, mica flakes, glue, felt, peppercorns, and hot glue, can't forget the hot glue.

I spent a good month making a lot of homemade gifts.

My hands have paid the price for it. They are cut, they are blistered, they are dry, my nails look like hell, my cuticles are shot. Ahhh the price of crafting.

John was my carpenter. I did the "finish" work.

We made these table toppers.

Table Topper

This is the one that sits on my table. It's a bit more primitive than the others I am giving as gifts. It usually hold our salt & pepper, something decorative and a napkin holder. Very handy to have on the table and very cute I think.

Table Topper CU

We made at least dozen of them, in 4 different colors. I already gave some of the other colors away as gifts. These are what I have left, plus one more that's still not painted.

Table Toppers stacked

There were snowmen.

Lots and lots of snowmen.

35 in fact.

Some small.....

Snomen small

Some medium size....

Snomen med

Snomen med front

Some with a frosty hat. You can't tell from the picture, but he's extra large. I made two of these and burnt my finger so bad with the hot glue gun that I still have the scar to prove it.
Nothing worse than hot glue gun burn.

Snomen biggie

There were miscellaneous wood projects thrown in the mix. I found this wooden chest for $1.50 at an estate sale. It had hideous flowers painted on the top so I sanded them off, painted it black (my favorite accessory color) and distressed it.


Now it holds the remotes.

There were a few of these. Bowls cut in half and mounted on a board, painted and distressed...


...then hung up in the bathroom with some soap I grungified along with some Sweet Annie and some cinnamon sticks.

Wall hanger
Now I want to paint the bathroom over, lol. See ya change one thing. Mitch who is my official painter buddy offered to help me, so the bathroom should be a new color before this year is over.
Now all I have to do is actually choose a color.

Wall hanger CU

I made a half dozen of these too.

Candle LS

Grungy candles mounted on some distressed wood. They smell so good.

I have LED tea lights in them now, but sometimes I throw a regular ole tea light in them too.


Candle CU

I have 5 more projects waiting in the garage, so the grunging will continue on, just like the mica flakes and pine needles I'll be picking up until June!

Have you been crafting anything for Christmas this year? If so I've love to see it. I'm always looking for inspiration for next year!


Doreen Frost said...

Lisa. Every thing looks amazing...just beautiful! are most welcome..I too am glad we became blog are so sweet.

Wishing you & yours a most joyous and merry Christmas.

Hugs, Doreen

TKW said...

Everything is wonderful, but those snowmen made me smile really, really wide. Love them.

Robin@ Good for the Palate said...

Love your snowmen! You should sell them on ETSY!

muzzyblue said...

Yes, his voice was ringing in my head, but I'm strange that way. Always love a Beatles reference!

shanna said...

Wow. I genuinely wish I had your talent! What great gifts!

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Wow! I love all of your wood work. Those table toppers and the remote box are amazing! You have been up to a lot too! Thanks for sharing!