Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This picture says it all.....


That word describes what my kitchen looked like for about 12 hours yesterday.


I don't like a mess.

I don't like clutter.

I like things clean, clean, clean.

My kitchen was a mess.

It was so cluttered I was almost having a panic attack.

Why the big mess? I got a new kitchen counter top!! I've been wanting one for so long. My old one was a pukey beige. I wanted a dark top to go with my barn red cabinets. Yeah, there not barn red yet, but they will be. Soon.

The entire contents of my kitchen was sprawled around the living room and the computer room. I spent hours going through drawers. I cleaned every single one of those suckers out completely. Sometimes I was in there scrubbing with a toothbrush! Yup, I'm sick like that.

I purged. Oh did I purge. Do I really need 4 identical wooden spoons? 36 sets of corn cob holders? 6 million toothpicks??

I ended up with 3 big bags of stuff. Some will go in the trash, other stuff will be passed on, as long as it's out of my kitchen I'm a happy girl.

Every single surface of my kitchen was covered in a fine layer of sawdust. Ugh! I cleaned till I was ready to drop.

It's all neat and organized now and when I walk into the kitchen I see this counter top:

countertop after

Not this horrid old one:

countertop before

I got a shiny new sink too. Poor Papa made 3 trips to Lowes and spent half the day covered in a dust. He's taking it easy today.

Next up....a few new recipes. I'll resume cooking and baking very soon, I promise but right now I have a game of Uno waiting on me!
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