Sunday, February 28, 2010

Right now....

In my mug:
Honey of an apple tea with a smidge of extra honey

In my belly:
1 egg and some homemade hashbrowns.

In the CD Player: Otis Redding
Fave Otis song: These Arms of Mine

What I'm happy about: Re-connecting with some old friends yesterday. I miss them.

In my camera: pics of Double Decker Banana Bread (I finally cleared out the almost 1000 photos in the camera) Here's a sneak peek.

DD Banana Bread

On my feet:
2 pairs of socks
(it's chilly)

On the nightstand:
In the middle of - Omnivores Dilemma – Pollan
Reading on and off and dreaming of all the summer desserts I'll make with:
Rustic Fruit Desserts - Crumbles, Buckles, Cobblers, Pandowdies, and More (Don't ya just love that word - Pandowdie?? I do!)

In the oven:
Orange Brownies

In the fridge:
Pork brining for Monday nights dinner.

Last DVD in the player:
Food Inc. - everyone who eats (that just about sums up the WORLD now doesn't it?) should watch this movie. I always thought McDonalds was the root of all evil, this movie confirmed it.

Food Inc

What I hear:
Birds chirping outside. Yeah! I missed that sound.

Last quote that I read (and love)
There is more to life than increasing its speed ~ Ghandi

Looking forward to:
Jamie Olivers Food Revolution (March 26)
Farmers Markets
Planting my garden
My in-laws visit this summer
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