Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Nana, my little imp.

CD 09 18


gardenmama said...

This makes me smile and also brings tears to my eyes as I miss my Nana dearly, so sweet : )

Kathleen Gilbert said...

Oh I love her. Remember when she used to show us all her pictures from when she was younger and I used to tell her she was beautiful? Well she is still beautiful.

Lisa@ The Cuttting Edge of Ordinary said...

I agree Kath, she still is. She's deep into alzheimer's now, doesn't know any of us anymore, not even my Mom. It's sad. When you show her a picture of herself, she'll say "whose that?" and I'll tell her "its you" and she'll say "that's what I look like??" I wonder if she still remembers the younger her.