Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I went shopping....

No not shopping in a mall or department store. When it comes to that, I’m so not into shopping. I’m not your typical female who loves to spend the day at the mall. Now yard sales and antique stores….that’s more my style.

My most favorite store in my little corner of the world is Things Made Wonderful. The name really describes the store perfectly. The bottom floor is filled with all things primitive and country and gorgeous. The top floor is loaded with antiques and handmade items. I love the top floor.

John took me there Sunday so I could try and pick up a few things to decorate my renovated bathroom.

I hit the jackpot this trip.

What did you get you ask? Well let me show you!

First I spotted this set of vintage loaf pans. Three different sizes, two even had little handles. I fell in love. Had to have them.

Antique finds box pans

Next I saw this beautiful old box. I have a thing for old wooden boxes. When I see a gorgeous one like this, I just can’t pass it by. I’ll fill it with some baby pine cones, or maybe some rosehips then stick a mercury glass candle holder in it with a few sprigs of pine.

Antique finds box

Now on to the finds for the bathroom. I really did well. Check out this gorgeous cheese box. I know, again with the wooden boxes. I thought this would look perfect hanging on my bathroom wall. Then I spotted a metal soap saver. It even had little bits of soap still in it, and lookie, lookie, it fit perfectly into the box.

Antique finds cheese box

I took the soap out, and filled it with mini pine cones and tied it with a grungy ribbon on the handle. It looks great in my bathroom. Just perfect.

Antique finds box with soap holder

We also found this antique cast iron towel rack. The exact size we needed for underneath one of the cabinets. It’s like it was waiting for us to buy it.

Antique finds towel rack

We found this gorgeous washboard. Again, it’s like it was waiting for us. It fits perfectly on the wall.

I’ll be hanging some Sweet Annie from it.

We also bought some cast iron hooks to go on the side of one of the cabinets (see pic below). Bathroom decorations complete!

Antique finds washboard

I spotted this mini cast iron pan. It’s a little rusty (ok with me) but I thought I could take it home and do something with it. So I added in some black eyed peas, stuck a grungy candle in the middle and ta-da, I have a cute little candle holder for my kitchen table. Cheap too! I’m sure I’ll be messing with it and adding things in as the weeks pass.

Antique finds CI skillet

We also picked up a few more things. Great little tins for 50 cents each, perfect for holding all my rings on the windowsill or in the bathroom. Scored a beautiful red handled knife and veggie peeler too. I love the vintage utensils. Scored a gorgeous tin cup. I'm going to load it up with holly and put a nice taper in it.

Antique finds

Lastly, John found this book dated 1909. The Arabian Nights. I thought cool, then he told who illustrated it…..Maxfield Parrish! My favorite artist! Book - $3. Me – very happy! What a score!

I spent so much less then I would have at a department store, and I feel like I really walked away with such treasures.

Antique finds Max

Antique finds Max1

I'll take a day driving up to the country any day over a crowded parking lot in a mall.

Oh one last thing...no I didn't stop cooking or baking, although it may seem like it from the lack of posts. I've got a few things in the works and after the Christmas crafting dies down, I'm sure I'll be baking up some holiday goodies to share. Hang in there with me!!


Darcy said...

Can't wait to see pics of the finished bathroom! I'm envious of your treasures!!

Kim said...

I love how things just sit and wait for you to come buy them. What great finds! Wooden boxes are my weakness. Don't forget to check to see if your A.N. is a First edition. (My brother is a book collector so we are in the habit.) If it is, you have even more of a treasure on your hands.

Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful, I like your style.

Laurie said...

Very cool treasures!

Janet said...

I love your finds!! You have a great eye.

Well done!