Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This weekend was filled with:

For rent

  • Painting walls
  • Staining cabinets
  • Quick meals – one night it was sopresatta, crackers, cheese, olives, etc.
  • Fun trip to Ikea with my best friends
  • Ikea’s frozen yogurt (it’s almost worth the trip just for that)
  • Best frozen onion rings ever – Alexia’s. Try them.
  • Boo-boo finger – I crushed it in the glove compartment – ouchies!
  • Shopping at Trader Joe’s with Mitch.
  • Football (we won, sorry hunny!)
  • Starting a new book - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Amy said...

IKEA had a flagship store about 10 minutes from our old house in Minneapolis. It was gigantic and AWE.SOME. I had to really restrain myself from going there once a week.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is really good. I thought it was a slow start, but then it gets going you can't put it down, we have since seen the foreign film also. Equally as good.

Kim said...

I wish I could rent this and move in next spring.
I love the sopresatta, too. And since you're an Italian girl, I'll take this to mean I am on the right track buying this type of sausage. Hope your finger is healed. We need to keep you blogging. And aren't Ikea and Trader Joe's shoppers paradises? I especially love them this time of year when we allow ourselves to buy so many more treats. I saw the first two Dragon films and can't wait to see the third, but I still haven't read the books.
Well, I feel like I've had a lovely morning visit. See you soon!