Thursday, March 3, 2011

Herbal Oats Energy Bars

Herbal Oats

First this post starts with an apology.

I was contacted by Steven at Herbal Oats back in August to try some of his energy bars. I enthusiastically said "YES, sent me some, I'll review them!" So they arrived in the mail, and I photographed them, and we ate them, and I typed up a post and there the post stayed until Steven contacted me again and asked (very nicely) if I had tried them yet and I said "OMG, yes, I will get that post out and then guess what happened? I did it again! The post kinda got lost and I felt so bad. So fast forward to January and I feel like a fool now, cause sweet Steven contacts me again and I confess that I didn't get around to posting and now the pics looks kinda strange cause when I took them it was summer and there was actually a big glowing ball in the sky and green grass in the background.

I really felt bad.

So he offers to send me more, cause now they have new packaging so I say yes again, only this time I actually do photograph them and sample them and whadda ya about them!

I love everything about this company. The fact that Steve started the company on his college campus, that his girlfriend Sarah joined him and they teamed up and began making the bars in a commercial kitchen and selling them at the local Farmer’s Market. Just click here and look at these two cuties. After looking at those two faces you'll wanna buy a case of bars!

From the site:

Steven began making granola bars in his own kitchen and giving them to his roommates, friends and people on campus. He made the bars from simple ingredients, eliminating preservatives. Interested in herbs and their properties he had the idea of blending them into each bar, giving them an extra benefit unlike any bar he had ever had. The herbs included Echinacea, Black Tea and Ginkgo Biloba. Along with these he created a bar with extra protein. Everyone loved them, especially the concept of their functionalities. When friends half jokingly suggested selling the bars and starting a business, Steven started thinking. Before he knew it his combination of herbs and oats had a name, Herbal Oats.

You can tell these bars are made with love. I especially like the the fact that the wrapping is compostable! Love that!

There are 4 variates to choose from:

Blueberry Almond with Echinacea for Immunity

Raspberry with Ginko Biloba for Focus

Chocolate Peanut with extra protein for strength (my fave!)

Apple Walnut Spice with guarana for Energy.

They made me this cute post it (personalized even!)

Herbal Oats 2

If you're looking for a homemade energy bar, made by the cutest couple in Columbia, MO, look no further!

Thank you again Steven & Sarah @ Herbal Oats.
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